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10 Dog Breeds You Won’t Believe Exist

Appenzeller Sennenhund

10. Appenzeller Sennenhunde

This is a medium sized dog breed from the Swiss Alps. It’s colorings are similar to the Burmese mountain dog but it’s coat is short. It was originally a herding dog and so they have the intelligence and alertness of a cattle dog. This dog is now more commonly a companion dog and because of it’s ability to learn quickly, they excel in competitions.

If you want to go outside of the box with the next addition to your family, look for one of these rare breeds. Of course it’s better to go through an accredited and reputable breeder and not through a puppy mill. Many of these rare breeds also make great companion and wellness dogs and can bring lots of joy to your home. Be sure to take into consideration how much time you have to train and exercise your dog before you choose your breed. Each breed takes a special type of attention and some are more low maintenance than others!

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