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10 Nicest Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

When we talk about friendly dogs, we consider how friendly they are to adults, to other dogs and to children. Some breeds are very standoffish to strangers but affectionate towards their families. Here are some of the nicest dog breeds that will bring nothing but smiles and laughter to your home with their playful antics and loving personalities. We have included small and large dog breeds so you can find one that suits you and the size of your home. If you live in a small apartment, large dogs might be hard to manage as they have excess energy and need to run around. However, if you live in a rural area, small dogs can be prey to birds and coyotes. Be sure to do your research before taking home your newest family member.

Labrador Retriever

This medium sized dog is often used as a therapy dog because of their happy disposition and loyalty. They are easy to train but need quite a bit of exercise because their puppyhood lasts a few years. They are medium to large sized dogs didn’t get the AKC rating of 1st most popular dog breed by chance. These dogs are great for families and love to be a part of everything. They will always put their paw on your lap or their head in your lap and would love to sleep in the bed with you. They may think they are a lap dog and their mission is to stay as close to you as possible.

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