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11 Best Small Dogs for Families

Italian Greyhound

# 11–Italian Greyhound

These elegant little dogs are not often considered when people are looking for a dog that will be good with families with children, but their gentle nature means that they can be the perfect family dog. Regardless of their good character, Italian Greyhounds are rather delicate little dogs (no more than 15 pounds) and will not stand up well to rough play. Older children are probably better with these dogs than younger ones simply because they will understand better how to handle the dog. Since the Italian Greyhound is, after all, a Greyhound, it will need some fairly intensive exercise, especially while the dog is young. After a certain point these dogs usually settle down more to a life of couch potato-hood. Affectionate and loyal, you will have to keep these dogs warmly dressed when the weather turns colder.

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