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11 Most Loyal Small Dog Breeds


It’s no doubt that loyalty stems from environment, treatment, and raw instinct, but, statistically speaking, these little breeds are some of the sweetest and most loyal small breeds you can find. From bulldogs to miniature schnauzers, here’s a list of the 11 most loyal small dog breeds that you have to consider when choosing a new canine companion.


If you’re looking for a companion who’s entertaining, loyal, and adorable all packed into a tiny package, a Pomeranian may be the dog for you. This breed is widely popular and loves to play. They are one of the more loyal breeds of small dogs and they often become overwhelmingly attached to their owner. Because of their loyalty and attachment, they will also often be aggressive towards other people and animals–even if they are familiar with them. This breed is also known for being jealous and will make it known that you have upset them if you aren’t giving them enough attention. They are very intelligent and outgoing, although need socialization and training to ensure they have a pleasant personality.

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