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12 Most Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Bichon Frise

Bijon Frise

This little white fluffball is loving and low maintenance. They are easy to train and make a great companion dog. They can be an apartment dog if they are given regular exercise. They are well mannered and not aggressive but can require some grooming. They live to be 15 years or more and their peppy and curios demeanor makes them fun to train. They are generally a healthy breed and will need a regular brushing and wiping of they eyes to keep their face clean and their fur unmated.

Now you have the knowledge of the most laid back dog breeds which is not by any means an all inclusive list. If you have a dog breed in mind, they may in fact be low maintenance so look up their grooming and exercise needs. Also look at how easy they are to train compared to other dogs. Remember that certain breeds need constant contact and others are more independent so keep your personal schedule in mind when choosing a dog.

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