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15 Dumbest Dog Breeds


We all love our household companions and there is nothing like their smiling face to greet us when we get home. When it comes to a dog, there is nothing like a smart dog that is well-behaved and trained, but sometimes a goofy and not so smart dog can really be the cure for anything life hands you. While they might be a tad slower than other dogs out there, these pooches make up for their intelligence in other ways. If you have encountered a dumb dog, then you may understand what it is like to spend time with it. Listed below are 15 of the dumbest dog breeds ever and while they are not the best learners, they are some of the best companions a human can offer.

1. Pekingese

This dog is notorious for being a “lap” dog and tends to have a very stubborn personality. With that said this breed has issues taking orders and commands and cannot learn as well as other dogs. The Pekingese was the first ever lap dog to become widespread across the world and they ae highly known to have a very high-pitched, yapping bark, regardless if there is even anything to bark at. This dog breed can be pretty frustrating at times depending on the breed and if you are searching for a dog that is more playful and energetic, you may want to swap to something a bit more rambunctious.

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