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30 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Great Pyreness

So you want to get a dog but maybe you’re not sure which breed will suit your personality? You really can’t go wrong with looking for a loyal breed at the very least so you know they will be protective and have your back. Some loyal breeds are intimidating and some, well they are just adorable when they try to be. The 30 breeds that made our list are known to be loyal historically because of how human’s used them for activities in their daily lives. It’s truly interesting how these breeds have evolved.

1. Great Pyrenees

The great pyrenees comes from both Spain and France and they were bred to guard flocks in the steep mountains. They grow to be a whopping 80-120 pounds and will live an average of 10-12 years. Their temperament is known to be docile, patient and very affectionate.This dog was bred in cold weather and has the coat to match it. Keep in mind they will need significant brushing and grooming so they don’t get too hot, especially if they are in a warm climate.

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