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30 Most Loyal Dog Breeds


30. Komondor

The Komondor is also known as the Hungarian sheepdog and they were used to guard flocks. Interestingly enough, they really do look like a sheep more than any other breed. They are white and weigh in at a massive 110 to 130 pounds. Although they are very independent, they are still affectionate.

While there are other breeds that are also loyal, these are some of the top most loyal breeds. You can find a loyal dog suited to apartment living or that would thrive on a farm. Loyalty is something that comes from many generations of training and breeding but of course this is merely a general rule and by no means will all dogs have the same personality. Dogs are subject to their environment and can be easily traumatized thereby affecting their personality. It is important to remember, when adopting a dog, you don’t know how they were treated by their previous owner so you can’t assume they will not run away or that they aren’t aggressive. As pet owners we have a huge responsibility to look after the well being of the dog and in doing so can usually guarantee their loyalty.

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