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8 Superfoods for Dogs

kale and broccoli

Just like you, your dog requires a nutritious diet to keep him healthy and strong. When your dog is well taken care of, he is more likely to feel good, which makes him more playful and energetic so he can lavish unconditional love on you. To ensure that your dog is eating right, it is important to understand the kind of nutrients he needs and then go ahead and identify the foods with those specific nutrients. Many people are under the assumption that high quality dog food costs a lot, but quality dog food does not have to cost you a fortune, as there are lots of foods around the house that can deliver a good amount of essential nutrients to your dog. In fact, here are 8 superfoods that will nourish your dog quite well and wont’ break your pocketbook either:

1. Kale and Broccoli
You may not have known this, but your dog requires leafy greens in his diet. Kale and broccoli are good choices for greens, as they are rich in a number of nutrients including calcium, iron, and Vitamins K, C, and A. In order to make them suitable for your dog to eat, steam the leaves of kales or brush them lightly with oil and then bake before adding them to your dog’s meal. You may steam or boil broccoli to get it soft enough for your dog to easily eat. When you mix these in with your dog food, they are more likely to eat it than if you just give it to them plain.

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