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8 Superfoods for Dogs


8. Blueberries
This sumptuous tiny fruit is filled with antioxidants which are not only good for you, but for your dog too. Blueberries boost cognitive functioning in dogs, which makes them more vibrant and alert. It is a fine substitute for processed treats. You can serve your dog blueberries on their own or blend them with yogurt to make doggie popsicles or just add them to biscuit mixes to create a healthy snack.

Go ahead and add some superfoods to your dog’s diet and rest assured that your dog is benefitting from your time and energy. You can add superfoods to your dog’s meals or use them for snacks. There are some high quality dog foods that mix the superfood nutrition into them, so you can be on the lookout for such food as well. Taking care of your dog nutritionally will help them get sick less frequently and can prevent many diseases in the long run. Good diet, along with regular exercise, can help your dog look and feel great. With the high cost of vet bills, a little bit of time and effort creating a healthy diet for your dog will certainly save you some money.

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