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8 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Dog Love You More

The relationship you have with your dog can improve your life in many ways. Not only can it teach you about how to have a loving relationship and give selflessly, it can also help you learn the satisfaction of patience, consistency and loyalty. Training your dog and interacting with your dog to build a relationship can prepare you to be a great parent as you get used to taking care of your dog on a daily basis. You will see how they love you more when you do things they appreciate. Here are some ways to make your furry friend love you more.

1. Frequent Walks

Just like humans, dogs are not meant to be sedentary. If you make an effort to walk your dog two to three times per day, they will really love you more. They love to get outside and smell new things and experience something outside of the house. This can also save you a lot of headaches because they will sleep when you are not home instead of barking and bothering the neighbors. It will also save you money on vet bills because they won’t gain weight and develop health problems such as bad hips. For certain breeds it’s almost impossible to get them to lose weight once they put it on so get in the habit of having them walk at least twice per day. It will also help keep you active in the process!

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