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8 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Dog Love You More

train them

2. Train Them

Dogs are not meant to just sit and look cute, many of them require lots of mental stimulation to stay happy. You should consistently work on training them and keep them challenged. If they are a large dog you should consider an obedience school and agility training like sheep herding. Training can also reduce aggressive behaviors and can keep your dog from running away or biting someone. When your dog knows how to please you, they will be much happier. They feel satisfaction from playing fetch and doing simple tricks like sit, stay, roll over and shake. The more intelligent breeds who are capable of much more should be more challenged. But don’t try to teach a chihuahua to find a missing person or a bomb, they’ll only get frustrated. Training your dog also allows them to spend time with you which is what they crave.
If you keep your dog on a consistent walking and training program, they will most likely be well behaved and in good shape. If you’re not consistent, they may act out by barking, chewing furniture and digging holes.

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