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8 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Dog Love You More

Be sure they arent too hot or cold

8. Be Sure They Aren’t Too Hot or Cold

Sometimes we forget that not only do dogs not have the ability to put on a coat when they are cold, they also are often not allowed to jump up on the warm couch and are left laying on the cold floor. If you make dog beds accessible and place blankets on your pets to make sure they are warm, they will love you for it. If you know your home gets hot, make sure you have fans on, water available and shade available for your pet. If they get too hot and have long fur in the summer time, consider shaving them so they aren’t panting all the time. Make sure you keep water available for them so they don’t get dehydrated and change it daily so bacteria doesn’t build up. You should always wash your dog bowl when you change the water too.

When they say dogs reflect their owners, it’s because the behavior and health of the dog is so dependent upon how the owner treats them and the attitude of the owner.

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