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8 Things You Do That Drives Your Dog Nuts

run the blender

8. Run the Blender

Blenders make high pitched sounds that we don’t really hear in our register. We all know that high pitch noises can bother your dogs ears but we often don’t realize what things make those sounds. Vacuums, juicers and blow dryers can also be irritating to dogs who have extra sensory hearing. Remember if it bothers your ears, magnify it by ten and that’s what it’s like to a dog. Loud music can also really hurt a dog’s ears and you should not play loud music if they are in the car or room.

Overall just be consistent. Remember not to tease your dog with the word treat or fake them out with throwing fake balls. Your dog needs clear commands so they know how to show their obedience. These things will only make it harder to train them and frustrate your dog.

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