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9 Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog


4. Alcohol

While you may think it’s funny your cool after you have had a few cold ones to share some with your loving companion, it’s not. It can literally kill your dog because it suppresses their nervous system and can cause a heart attack. Don’t think that they will just be able to handle it like you do. They may start staggering, get extremely hyper or act strange after about 15 to 30 minutes. They may suddenly have increased urination. If your dogs gets alcohol poisoning, it will need expensive treatments which don’t always save it’s live. Do your dog a favor, don’t feed it booze and don’t leave it lying around where they could get to it. If you have a spill, be extra careful they aren’t able to lap it up. Remember alcohol is used often as a cooking and baking ingredient so it may be hidden. Yeast from bread dough produces alcohol as well. If your dog has a low body temperature or is having trouble breathing, it may have alcohol poisoning. It only takes a small amount especially for small dogs.

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