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9 Most Intelligent Dogs

belgian malinois

Here they are, the most intelligent canines. They are not only good at reading humans, they can be easily trained to carry out some extremely skilled tasks. In fact, some of these animals are so smart, they are able to do things even humans can’t do. Whether it’s athletic feats, protecting your home, providing service to disabled individuals or entertaining you at home, these loving creatures are far more intelligent that we give them credit for.

1. Belgian Malinois

This dog is one of the most common dogs used for to help police and military personnel. They can sniff bombs and drugs and help find missing people. They are both loyal and protective. They require a lot of exercise but they are friendly to their owners. While this breed somewhat resembles the German Shepherd, their hind legs do not slope. This is not an aggressive dog by nature, it’s more sensitive than anything and only responds to positive training methods. It was originally a herding dog and can make a great family dog. This dog may be more alert and quick responding that the German Shepherd.

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