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9 Most Popular Small Dogs

yorkshire terrier

Here are some of the most loved small dogs you may want to consider as an indoor pet. If you have a small home, a small dog is usually a better choice than a large dog. If you have children, keep in mind they may injure a small dog easily without meaning too. Small dogs are fragile and can’t be let outside without a leash because they can be prey to large birds and fox.

1. Yorkie

The adorable and much loved yorkshire terrier is a favorite toy dog that has a very sweet demeanor. They are known for their adorable appearance and the affection they tirelessly adorn their owners with. They usually weigh only about 4 to 6 pounds and because of their small size you will only want to get them if you’re able to keep your home warm because they get cold easily. They will need a little exercise each day and you should train them from a young age so they learn not to bark. The challenge with this breed is they can be hard to potty train but crate training usually helps with this.

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