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8 Superfoods for Dogs

Just like you, your dog requires a nutritious diet to keep him healthy and strong. When your dog is well taken care of, he is more likely to feel good, which makes him more playful and energetic so he can lavish unconditional love on you. To ensure that your dog is eating right, it is important to understand the kind ...

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8 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Dog Love You More

The relationship you have with your dog can improve your life in many ways. Not only can it teach you about how to have a loving relationship and give selflessly, it can also help you learn the satisfaction of patience, consistency and loyalty. Training your dog and interacting with your dog to build a relationship can prepare you to be ...

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8 Things You Do That Drives Your Dog Nuts

Here are some things you can try to cut back on so you don’t annoy your dog. Here are some of the common things we all do that really bum them out without realizing it. If you do your best to treat your dog well, they will behave better and act out less. You may find their behavior improves when ...

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