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Dog Breeds

The 8 Rarest Dog Breeds

Through geographic isolation and selective breeding practices, many dog breeds have been created to do man’s bidding and some just to keep people company. There are some breeds that are very popular, some have been phased out, and some are completely rare. Sometimes it feels as if everybody walking down the street has got a furry friend, yet you won’t ...

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9 Most Popular Small Dogs

Here are some of the most loved small dogs you may want to consider as an indoor pet. If you have a small home, a small dog is usually a better choice than a large dog. If you have children, keep in mind they may injure a small dog easily without meaning too. Small dogs are fragile and can’t be ...

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9 Most Intelligent Dogs

Here they are, the most intelligent canines. They are not only good at reading humans, they can be easily trained to carry out some extremely skilled tasks. In fact, some of these animals are so smart, they are able to do things even humans can’t do. Whether it’s athletic feats, protecting your home, providing service to disabled individuals or entertaining ...

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